What Core Competencies does your business have?

The new World of work demands a whole new set of skills and talents – but also significantly also requires different mindsets and attributes.

Some of these include;

  • Accountability vs Independence
  • Interdependence vs Dependence
  • Transparency vs I’ll do it my way
  • Collaboration vs Competition
  • Integration vs Separation into Silos
  • Optimisation vs
  • Innovation vs Best Practice
  • Strategy vs Tactics
  • Integrated Ethics vs Doing what works

3 key areas in every business need to be examined in the light of the changing business environment:

  1. Effectiveness – does what we are doing WORK?
  2. Responsibility – are we doing what we are doing RIGHT?
  3. Sustainability – will what we are doing LAST?

The BIG QUESTION is does your business develop, encourage and foster the right skills, talents, attributes and mindsets in an integrated way – do you;

  • Recruit
  • Incentivise
  • Promote
  • Develop and Train
  • Design Business Processes
  • Communicate
  • Manage
  • Lead
  • Delegate
  • Etc

With these in mind?

This is a challenge to us all!

For more information and assistance in identifying and incorporating these ideas into your own business please do not hesitate to contact us on roger@honeylane.co.za.

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